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2022 Sponsor Update!

Good evening all!

Here for a quick update on things, as we've been staying busy with setting up our 2nd Annual Race to Drive Out Cancer event taking place this Sunday. While in the midst of that, we've managed to have a few meetings with potential new sponsors, and are here to announce Vermont Smoke and Cure as a partner for our 2022 season!

Being in business since 1962, it's hard to believe that you may not have heard of them by now, as they can be found worldwide with in grocery retail stores and right in the place they operate!

"We believe good food doesn’t have to be complicated, so we keep it pretty simple. At Vermont Smoke & Cure we’ve been consciously crafting delicious smoked meats using premium meat, spices, herb sand simple local ingredients since 1962. Our members are the heart of our organization and we are proud to employ quality-minded, neighborly, respectful people who do things The Vermont Way. Our team makes delicious meat sticks at our facilityin Hinesburg, Vermont, providing the highest quality products to create the finest flavor in every bite of our meat snacks. All of our meat snacks are made in small batches, hand crafted and slow cooked for over 18 hours .Half of our sticks are smoked in our Smokehouse to add a unique flavor." (

If you're looking for a quick snack for the day or at the race track, you can buy them individually in small or large sizes, or buy boxes and bags online or at your local grocery at a price so good for the flavor, you would think it's unfair!

This is the first of hopefully many partners we're going to bring on board, but we couldn't be more excited to bring a hometown based company on board for the first new sponsor of the year!

Be on the lookout on our website this weekend for the livestream link for the Race to Drive Out Cancer and see who will take home the trophy car, and check back for some new sponsor updates through the offseason.

Thanks for dropping in! We'll be back here soon!

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