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Governors Cup 150 and Midseason Championship Night

Good evening all!

Here a couple weeks late on some write-ups from the last two races... two races where we had some solid finishes for our team. Starting with the Governors Cup 150, we unloaded with a decent handling car, but didn't quite have the speed. After a couple changes for the last two practices and some new tires we got much more competitive. We drew chip 5 for the +/- draw, putting us in 1st for the first heat race, where we led the thing green to checkers!

This gave us a plus 1 for the feature, meaning we would start 5th in the feature. After hanging around the top 10 for the first 80 or so laps of the race, the car started to lose some drive and got too loose coming off of 2, allowing the car behind to fill the hole down bottom, and start a freight train on the inside, dragging us all the way back to 19th. We managed to fight hard the last 50 laps and pick off two more cars, finishing 17th out of 27 cars on the night.

For double points night, we had an alright car for practice, and started outside pole for the heat race, but couldn't find any speed and dropped back fast. We started at the tail end for the consi, and brought it home in one piece again in 6th, a spot of of a qualifying position, meaning we started at the tail end of the feature again. We got to sign autographs and have out of car intros, where we signed lots of hero cards and mingle with the fans who make it all possible for us

It took us a few laps to get rolling, but by lap 15 we had started making ground back up before a slew of cautions happened in front of us that we luckily avoided entirely (for the most part). By lap 20 we had made it into 10th, where we raced hard until losing the spot 12 laps later, and finished the race strong for the rest of the circuit to finish 11th.

This week is going to be Cody Chevrolet Night (and the last Myers Triple Crown Race), since the original Calkins Portable Night got rained out and moved to September 10th. We look to start up front again on the night, and prove that we have what it takes to stay up there and compete with the best of the best at the track.

Post time is at 7PM, and we hope to see you all there supporting our team!

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