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WDEV Night

Afternoon all! Here for a post race write up from last week as we’re currently on the way to the track for today’s race!

Last week we had made a couple small changes on our scales and with some of our front end geometry again, trying to squeeze whatever extra speed we could out of the car. We stayed in the top 10 on the charts and picked up a couple of tenths, and had a decent car ready for the heat race.

Started next to last on the grid, and only

managed to make it to 6th when the checkers came out, starting us first for the consi. We got our first flag of the year after leading flag to flag, and were put 15th out of 27 in the feature.

We fought around hard with some slower cars ahead of us in the first bit of the race, but close to halfway through the top lane opened up, and we made some huge ground up through the field, winding up

5th by the time the first caution flew at lap 25. The following restart saw the leaders go 3 wide coming to the green, and we held on tight to the bottom and made it under the 2nd place car with 12 laps to go. the leader had a straightaway lead by the time we had clear track ahead of us, but by the end of lap 40 when the final flag came out, we had made it to the back bumper.

The car is finally seeming to stay consistent throughout the whole race, which is perfect timing for out 75 laps feature tonight, the 2nd leg of the Myers Triple Crown Series. Post time today is 6:30, where we look to put on a show for all in attendance and watching from home on

Hope you support us either way tonight!

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