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WMMP Midsummer 250

Evening all!

Here for a quick write up about a surprise trip to WMMP after a postponement of the original Thursday night race

We took the trip over the Kancamagus for the big 10K-to-win ACT Tour race, and hovered about the middle on the speed charts throughout all the practices. Still within tenths of the fastest cars, we kept in mind that it was going to be a race of attrition, and didn't change to many big things to keep the car consistent. (Photo Credit to Johnny "Racer's Racing Photos")

We started outside pole position for the 2nd heat race, and just needed to finish inside of the top 4 to qualify for the feature. After taking the green flag, we tried to race hard door to door with the polesitter, and coming into lap 3 hit door to door and got out of the groove, and wound up chasing the back end of the car into the wall. We came into the pits to change the right side tires, and didn't make it back out for the heat.

We started last in the first consi, and made up a few spots, but still didn't transfer to the feature. We started 9th in the b-feature, and only made it up a couple spots, and for the first time ever missed qualifying for a race. We loaded the car up, and hung around for the feature, and watched some great racing and fast cars run hard for 250 laps!

Tomorrow night is the rescheduled autograph night, with a full card of 4 divisions racing starting at a post time of 7PM. Flying Tigers have 100 laps and will crown a Myers Triple Crown series winner! Schedule for tomorrow will be posted below. Hope to see you there!

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