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2022 Community Bank 150

Good morning all!

It's a lovely rainy Wednesday, and we're here for our first post-race write up of the 2022 season. The previous blog posts on here have had the tendency to ramble on about the racing, so we're going to try and do what we can to write the most important details and keep it short and sweet.

Starting off with Saturday Car Show/Practice Day, we parked the car in the middle of the backstretch, and got to meet all sorts of wonderful fans, new and old. We had a pretty stable car for the 3 practice sessions, and called it a day early to get some rest for the long day after

Sunday was class day, and we made it through all of the practices all over the speed charts, our best being 12th quickest on the morning. We got the car front and center for the parade, and ended up getting pulled on the front stretch and announced as the Late Model Car Show winner!

When it came time to racing, we ran the heat starting in a qualifying spot, but fought a loose car and ended up getting into another car and cutting a tire, sending us to the consi. The car flipped 180 degrees for the consi, and was plowing tight. We made some small adjustments on all parts of the car for the B-Feature, and ended up winning and qualifying 24th for the big show!

We didn't have a stellar car for the feature, and starting closer to the back made it easier for us to get lapped, but we managed to avoid all wrecks and bring the car home in one piece after 150 laps in 24th!

A big thank you to all of our sponsors for getting us to the track for this weekend

Making the race was a feat in itself, and we couldn't be happier to make it out unscathed and get some more seat time. We've got a few weeks worth of break, but we will see you all for the first Thunder Road points race of the season on May 29th for the Memorial Day Classic!

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