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2022 Memorial Day Classic

Good morning all!

Here for our post race write-up for our first points counting race of the season, The Memorial Day Classic. There isn't much to write home about, but we've got a lot of pictures!

We started off the day firing off quick out of the trailer. We stayed in the middle on speed, but had a really comfortable race car. We made it through mandatory tech, and drew our chip, which ended up putting us starting 1st in the 3rd heat race. We made it through the green flag and down the backstretch before we were hit from behind and spun, and got a the entire nose cleaned off of the car. With the sliding on the tires from spinning and lack of aerodynamics (driving a car with no nose is like a big parachute), we finished last in the heat race.

There was enough damage to the front end of the car that we missed the consolation race, but we were still aloud to start at the tail end of the 125 lap feature. We made it 12 laps before we started playing bumper tag in the back, and the nose of the car fell back off. We got black flagged and tried to pull down to the inside and let everyone by so we could get off of the track, and once we found a spot to pull off, we clipped the wall with our bumper coming off the track and they had to throw a caution. The amount of laps it took for us to safely to get off, mixed with the fact that we were the cause for the caution, meant that they were going to park us for the rest of the feature. We finished 31st out of 31 cars, and lived to fight another day.

Tomorrow is a new race and a new day, and we're hoping to bring the same speed we had for the first race. Schedule of events is below. Post time 7PM

Hope to see you there!

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