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2023 Memorial Day Classic

Good evening all!

Here for the first post race write up of 2023, which we had ourselves a pretty up and down type of day.

(photo credit to Nick Mumley of The Inside Groove)

We started out practice with some throttle troubles, that we couldn't fix in time for the end of practice. Come our second practice, we had to scuff tires, and didn't get a great set for what we needed. 3rd practice we finally were able to get tires sized right, and picked up 4 tenths, putting us at race speed on the day, but managed to lose our clutch pedal in the process (something we almost missed our heat race because of).

We went through tech and drew chip 69/71, putting us second to last for our heat. We finished the heat in 7th, meaning we didn't get our handicap for the feature. We had a lot of ground to make up, and quickly started picking off cars from our 21st starting position. We managed to get up to 11th, before we had a small issue with another car and got spun out, but rallied back in one piece for a 16th place finish on the day! All in all it was unfortunate where we finished, but the car was an animal in a cage, and we just couldn't blow our way through the people in front of us to get closer to the front again after our spin.

We'll re-gather ourselves for our race on the 9th, and give it another go with the changes we plan on making from now to then.

Thanks to all of those who supported us on our opening weekend. We hope to see you all again in a couple of weeks!

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