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3 in One!

Good morning all,

A 3 in one race write up from the last hectic week of racing. We managed to bring the car home in one piece every night, but didn't have too many finished to write home about...

Starting with Scout Night on 6/30, we had a decent car for our heat, but come feature time the car just wasn't the same. We fought hard after falling back on the high side, and ended up 17th out of 21.

Preston's Kia Night was a little bit of the same, with a decent car for our heat, but come feature time we struggled with tightness again. We were able to come in and make some adjustments and get back out on track and fight for a 14th place finish out of 21.

Our final feature on Myers Night #2 was the best looking one for us through and through. We had a good heat race once again and finished in a qualified spot, but come feature time and lots of bumper tag, we made a move to the high side to try to start passing some cars, and fell back out of the top 10, finishing 14th out of 18.

This weeks race is the Governors Cup 150, where we look to take on some invaders and part time racers for a big pay day and name in the record books. Schedule of events posted below

6:30 post Time. Hope to see you all there!

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