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57th Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic

"You win some, you lose some, and wreck some" -Dale Earnhardt

Sometimes in racing, its better to have bad luck than no luck at all, and that's surely what happened Memorial Day Weekend. We unloaded the car with the new chassis changes for the first time at Thunder Road and still showed plenty of speed. We ran around the top 5 in all practices, but due to the disqualification from the first Thunder Road race, we started last in our heat race. We drove the car up to a 5th place finish in the heat out of 10 cars, which qualified us straight into the feature on the night.

We started around 18th in the feature, and after some door to door racing all throughout the first half of the race, I made the decision to attempt to work the high side of the track and pass cars, (and to my surprise it was working!) until the first of our problems occurred, and we blew a right front tire, sending us straight into the Widowmaker, ruining two wheels and tires in the process and causing a caution. After we went into the pits to changes the wheels, there was a major issue with the toe of the car being out on the left front wheel. This caused the wheel to be turned out while the car was going down the backstretch, and made it near impossible to steer. We made it out for the green flag, and went around another lap and a half before another caution came out, and I pitted again to fix the toe. In the process of fixing the toe, we noticed the fan for the radiator was hanging and not working. This caused the car to overheat and send water into the air, and the crew made the decision to have the track black flag me before I caused an even bigger mess.

We left the track defeated with a bad finish and a broken car, and another unsuccessful race for the start of the 2019 season. Our success last year didn't come in any of the extended lap races, but hopefully this year will be different. The car is ready and so is the team, and we're ready to take on the first Thunder Road Triple Crown race of the season.

Post time is 7pm on Friday June 7th, with kids rides starting at 4pm

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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