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Accura Jet Service Night

Good morning all! The write-up is going to be short and sweet today due to an action packed weekend ahead of us....

The car was alright in practice, but definitely the best we've had. After some minor adjustments and swapping tires around we we at a place we were happy with, and parked the car for the first heat race. We started 3rd in the heat, and made it to second within a few laps, and when trying to pass the leader on the outside the car fell back and we lost 2nd place, settling for 3rd when the flag flew.

For the feature we tightened the car up a good amount, and started 8th place on the high side. We fought around some cars high and low, and made it up to second by around lap 15. We followed the leader trying to pick a perfect time to pass them, and had to ride around behind them because the car just didn't have it on the high side. Lap 23 a caution came out and that put us right up next to the leader for the restart, and on an almost botched restart due to water on the inside line, we finally got a good restart and made it past the leader and took it all the way home after a couple more late cautions.

It took much longer than expected, but the team can finally say we put the car in victory lane this year! There's no better feeling than showing out for your sponsors, family and friends and we finally get to say we did it! I want to give a huge shout out to everyone who has helped me to this point in the season. Our wonderful sponsors you can find on the sponsors page on this website make all of this year possible, and we hope to finish it out strong for them.

Double duty this weekend on Saturday in a late model at White Mountain (Thank you to the Lyman family for the opportunity), and Labor Day classic on Sunday for an extra 10 laps of door to door racing. We hope to see you out this weekend at both tracks!

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