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Accura Printing Night and Labor Classic

Good morning all!

Here for another two week post race write-up. Starting with Accura Night, which ended up being the better of the two races, we had a good car in practice. One of the better cars this year that almost wanted to drive itself and it showed. We started next to last in the heat, and qualified 4th straight through to the feature race.

We had a bad handicap, meaning we started right in the middle in 16th out of 30 cars. We tried our best to stay patient through the whole race, picking an choosing the inside or outside lanes based on the movement in front of us. We made most of our ground up on the outside lane, and by the time the first caution came out at lap 33, we had made it up to 5th place. The green dropped again and we made our way back to the outside after passing the 4th place car, but 2 laps later the caution flag came out again, restarting us in 4th for the last 5 laps. We made our way around the 3rd place car, and got under the 2nd place car and fought hard to the finish to get our second trophy of the year and finish 2nd!

The next race was a polar opposite of Accura Night.... We bought some new shoes for the race car, and used two of the three practices to get heat cycles in them. We stayed in the top 10 of the charts all practices, and had our handicap starting us towards the back of the field again in the heat. Lack of movement ahead of us meant we would start 7th and finish 6th. For the consi, we started 3rd, which was the final qualifying spot (instead of 5th)because there were so many cars and a b-feature added to the night, and finished 4th after trying to make a move late to make up some ground. We started pole for the B-Feature and led by a straightaway at the end of the 15 laps, and qualified for the feature. Not much to say about the feature, other than where we started (22nd) and where we finished (19th). The race went flag to flag and from 5th on back was double file the entirety of the race, making any passing near impossible.

Today however is a new day! Tonight is championship night for the regular points season, and the Triple Crown Series. 100 lap of green flag racing, with post time at 6:30 instead of 7. Hoping to make the best of the night, and finish out the points strong (and maybe bring home a big check too). If you can't get tickets, tune in the and watch from the comfort of your home. Whatever way you decide, we hope you support the team!

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