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Barre Granite Association Night

Happy Tuesday all!

Finding some time before the weekend to make a write-up about the final points race of the season, where we finally managed to get the monkey off our back and pull off a win in the 100 lap race!

For practice, we stayed towards the top of the speed charts in all 3 practices (we were given an extra because of the extended laps for the feature), and actually made it to the top for the final one. We drew a late chip, and started second to last place in the second heat race, and finished right where we started due to lack of movement in front of us. That put us starting 4th in our consi, and we managed to pass one car and finish 3rd, qualifying us for the feature.

In the feature, we started the race in 12th place, between a red flag on lap 4, and an array of cautions in the first 33 laps, we had made it up to 3rd place before they put us in "timeout" so the late models could run their feature. Once we made it back out onto the track, it took us a few laps to get the car going, and by lap 38 we had taken the lead away. Another slew of cautions saw us fighting hard on restarts, only losing the lead for one lap and regaining it on the following restart on lap 62. We fought hard one last time and pulled out into the lead, and fought through a gaggle of traffic a dodged some cars going through the grass and back onto the track a couple separate times, but when all was said and done we held off 2nd place and got our 7th career victory (our 4th in the tigers).

The final points standings at year end saw us finishing 2 points out of 5th place, which is our best overall finish in the tiger. As always, we never would have been able to make the season happen if we didn't have a huge support group in our sponsors:

KAS, Inc

East Coast Construction

MasterTech Automotive

Woods CRW

Village Tavern

Giroux Body Shop

Frost Beer Works

Dion's Locksmith

This weekend is the biggest weekend of them all, with the two day Milk Bowl, which we have finished in the top 10 of every season of racing. Post time starts at 1pm on Saturday with the Late Model time trials, followed by Tiger Time trials, where the best lap time solidifies starting position for the first feature. Sunday Post Time is 12:15 with the late model LCQ B-Feature, and our division is the 5th feature of the day.

Tickets are still available for the grandstands to watch, or if you can't make it to the race, head over the and watch on pay-per-view from the comfort of your home!

Thank you for supporting us so far this year, and we hope to see you the races this weekend, and 2 weekends later at Oxford Plains Speedway!

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