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Casella Night

Good afternoon race fans!

Short and sweet write up of a pretty lackluster race from last week....

We managed to dodge any rain unlike last weeks racing, but this week we couldn't dodge a poor handling car. We struggled all throughout practice trying to get a decent handle on the car on all parts of the track, and made a few separate adjustments for the heat race. We had a decent finish in our heat race and got the car manageable for a short run, but come feature time, we got stuck on the high side on the start and had to fight our way back to the bottom.

After a few separate tries and getting moved up the track pretty good on one of them, we finally settled back into 9th place. One car on the inside line jacknifed the whole line, and sent the 27 car spinning in front of us. We just barely clipped the back of him, and went around into the grass trying to save the car. From there, we got stuck on the outside one more time, and finished the race as the last car on the track in 20th.

Once we brought the car home, we found a few different issues that hindered the handling of the car that are now fixed, so we're hoping to capitalize on the fixes and some setup changes, and put the car up front where all of our hard work and dedication proves it should be.

It's a regular night of racing, with the Marvin Johnson Street Stock Special on the cards for non winners in the street stock division (the race we got our first win in!) Post time for tonight is 7PM. We hope to see you all there!

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