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Casella Waste Systems Night

Hey all! This one is bound to be a short one, because there's really not a lot to talk about from the last race....

We unloaded the car for the night, with a different setup that we decided to change late in the week. We we're the first cars out for practice, and although the time charts weren't working, we were fairly confident that we were one of, if not the fastest cars out on the track. We all know the saying "You can't win practice", but it's always a good thing when you can show speed in it, and sets the tone for the rest of the night (or so we thought).

We started the heat race in the back row, and made it up to 6th place, one spot shy of qualifying through the heat. For the consi, we started 3rd and finished 3rd, only to be disqualified for being too low on the left side (which we found out this week was due to a bound up lower control arm). Now as far as the feature goes? Well, we started last and made it up to 18th in 19 laps, only for mother nature to win the battle and force us to go home for the night.

The rain make-up date is tonight, where at 7pm sharp we will finish the last 21 laps of the race, making it a double feature on the night, where we really hope to turn our season around and start making a name for ourselves again.

Good things come to those who wait, and we couldn't hope for anything better but two decent finishes on the night. Hope to see you all there supporting the #7 Flying Tiger!

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