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CCV Night

Good Morning race fans!

Here this morning for a post race write up of CCV Night from last Thursday night.

Last weeks race brought a quick car in practice, which we were not sure we would have after a trip to the frame machine the week before. We were top ten both practices, and started our heat race outside pole position. We couldn't get any forward bit on the outside, but still managed to qualify through the heat in 5th.

Come feature time, we made a few adjustments to the car to try and tighten it up , and started 5th out of 29 cars. We held our ground in 5th for the first 15 laps, and the inside lane started getting held up by a slower car. We finally made our way around the car on the high side, and fought up top to pass cars and make it through lapped traffic. The traffic brought us all the way back somewhere around 10th-12th, but we continued to fight on the top side until the first caution of the race came out. We started on 9th the inside for the restart, and raced our way back into the top 5. The last 4 laps the effort was made to pass the 3rd and 4th place cars on the high side, but we fell just short (.001 seconds to be exact) after great door to door racing and ended up 5th, a huge improvement from last weeks unfortunate events.

Racing is set to resume this Thursday, but there's still no word on if there will be fans allowed in attendance. we will keep you as up to date as possible on the matter, and hope we can see you all very soon at the track!

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