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CCV Night

Good Afternoon all!

Noon time race day write-up on a good week of racing last week at CCV Night!

We came into the day with a stout car after changing some more stuff on our setup. We didn't hit the top of the charts, but the car had race speed all day down bottom. We didn't get our handicap, so we started last in the first heat. We managed to pick up a couple spots and finish 6th on the tail of a couple cars coming to the line, but lost some speed for the consi after getting stuck on the outside a couple of laps and riding in 7th to get into the feature in one piece.

The feature race was the first night that we had our out of car introductions, where we could debut our new suit and newly acquired 7VT number for the rest of the season. We started the race in 20th, and slowly picked our way through the field and all of the cautions that occurred, making it all the way to 12th place with 5 to go, then dropped back one more spot after a late race restart to finish 13th. Following post race inspection, the 2nd place car was disqualified for having the tread width of the car too wide, giving us an end result of 12th out of 24 on the night!

Tonight we look to take advantage of the handicap (if we get it) and get ourselves our first top 10 on the season. We've grown a lot already this year, and are excited to continue our improvement tonight.

Post time is 7PM with a fireworks show you're not going to want to miss!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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