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CCV Night

Good morning all!

Quick write-up from last week for those who haven't already seen.... we won a race!

Double features from the rain out made for a busy night for us, and we managed to keep the car in one piece for both races. First feature we finished 12th after starting outside pole and falling back immediately, and clawed our way back up to salvage a finish. The second half of the night was entirely different, with new tires and some setup changes, we ran away with the heat and ran away with the feature!

Here's the post from Facebook from the driver:

Now that I’ve had time to process it and I’m working on the car today….

What an absolutely unreal feeling again. We double featured on Friday after getting postponed twice, and brought what we thought was a good car for the night. Through practice and the first feature, ol’ Marie was a MISERABLE race car, but we salvaged a 10th place on the first feature.

After some small adjustments, new tires, and a lot of yelling and screaming, we went out for the heat race on the pole and ran away with it. Come feature time, we were fortunate to start on the pole again and ran away again green to checkers (until the last 5 laps where we fought to get around a lapped car and almost threw it away)

I can’t thank everyone enough that has helped get us here:

To the team: David, Tonia, Ciara, Randy, Keith, Tom, Austin, Grant, Travis and anyone else who has lent a hand this year, thank you all for making this dream possible again

Thank you to all those in the stands who have believed in me and got me here emotionally

Back in the garage trying to find more speed today, so we can get there again this year!

Post time tonight is 7pm, and kids rides are on the schedule starting at 4PM

We hope to see you all there!

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