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CCV Night and Aubuchon Hardware Spectacular

Well all, it's been a beyond busy last few weeks to say the least, but here we are again for another write-up of races past. This week we get two articles on four different races at two different tracks! So lets begin with our hometown track...

Both days we showed speed right out of the trailer. Up to this point all year, we've gotten very lucky with our car and have yet to have an issue in any of the practices. CCV Night saw us with a top 10 car on the speed charts yet again, and also saw us starting towards the back of the field in the heat race. After qualifying through the heat race, we started the race somewhere in the middle of the pack, and fought a loose car hard all the way to a top 10 spot, only to have an altercation with a car on track that almost ended up with our car in the fence. After the car was gathered up, we fell behind on the outside groove until the caution came with about 5 laps remaining. We had the inside lane for the restart, and with the car hooked on the bottom line, we went to make a pass on the inside and ended up spinning to the infield with the car on the outside of us, seeing us ride around the final two laps and finish 21st on the field (but in one piece!)

Now for the Aubuchon Hardware Spectacular... Remember when we said we had good luck in practice? We did again, but had even better luck when one of our rims cracked during some practice laps, luckily holding on long enough to pit and change the rim out with a new not broken one. We still managed top 10 speed (top fastest at one point too), and lined up 5th in the heat race. We fought up to second place again, and tried to make a pass on the outside of the leader. The outside just wasn't working well enough, and we fell back to 5th, qualifying for the feature without having to go through the consolation race still.

We started somewhere around 13th for the feature, and managed to make it through all sorts of carnage and accidents all over the track, one being a 5 car pile up on the backstretch. During that wreck a car behind us lost brakes and slowed themselves down by trying to jump through the back of our car (unintentionally of course), and crumpled the body in the rear of the car. This would come back to haunt us on lap 33, where a caution came out and we had to pit because of the quarter panel dragging and taking up the outside lane.

After coming back out and starting 13th on the restart. We had enough speed to limp around one car and finish 12th on the night with a mangled body and a bent rear clip (all behind the rear end luckily).

We loaded the mess of a car we had left and watched the amazing fireworks show put on by Northstar Fireworks and headed home in a hurry. a long morning of work was needed to get us ready for WMMP the next day, and while I had to work, the crew jammed on the car and got it ready to race, where we had another successful night of racing that you'll hear about in the next blog post...

But for now!

Get ready for race day tomorrow (7/12/19) starting at 7pm, where the Tigers will go 75 green flag laps for the second leg of the Myers Triple Crown Series.

We hope to see you there!

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