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Double Points and Community Bank 150

Good morning all!

What an absolutely busy last week it has been for our racing. With our original Thursday double points race getting moved to Friday due to weather (that disappeared shortly after the call was made), we saw ourselves running double features on the night.

We had an alright car through practice, but our regular speed just wasn't completely there. We started off the make-up feature in 8th place, and managed to go green to checkers with minimal movement on a "green" track, and finished out 6th place at the line. We then went on to our heat race after the rest of the divisions had their turn, starting next to last and ending up 4th, qualifying straight through to the feature.

Come feature time, we made a few adjustments to the car with stagger and cross, and started 15th. Lots of door to door racing happened, but not a loss of passing came along with that, and when the lone caution flew at lap 25 of 50, we were sitting 12th. Another hard 25 laps fighting for all we could had us crossing the line when the race was over in 9th place, most importantly in one piece!

A quick turn around on Saturday and we had the car ready and loaded for the Community Bank 150 race day.

This day also brought some struggles with the car, fighting a lot of tightness. We found a bind in the suspension, and worked to fix it for the heat race, where we had a good car but bad track luck with one of the cars dropping out in the middle of turns 1 and 2 after their car died, dragging us back to last place. The caution flew and we tried our hardest to make it back up through, but managed to finish 2 spots out of a qualifying position. In the consi we started 4th, and stayed put through the whole race, racing hard with a hometown competitor on the outside for all 12 laps. This finish meant we would start 13th in the feature.

Lap one saw two cars hit the wall coming to the green, but from then on through it was mostly smooth sailing and hard racing yet again. We fought as best as we could with a loose car on the outside, and managed to bring the car home in 11th, just a spot shy of a top 10, which we had managed to do every race we had finished this year until then. But once again, the car was in one piece!

This Thursday is Calkins Portable Toilet Night, where the regular night of racing will start at 7PM. If you can't make it to the track to watch, will have the race on pay-per-view. Either way, we hope you tune in and support our team and sponsors and enjoy watching us race our hearts out!

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