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Final Points Night of 2022

Morning all!

Here for what will be one of the last post-race write-ups for the 2022 season. We finally got our luck to turn around, and had a strong finish like we thought we should be having all year!

We started our night around the middle on the speed charts in practice, and after making a few adjustments on one corner of the car, we felt we had a really good piece for the heat. We started on the pole for the heat, and led wire to wire. We had the outside pole position for the start of the feature, and didn't get enough heat in the tires to get a good start, so we dropped back in on the bottom lane in 3rd. We rode for a while and watched a good battle in front of us for the lead, and wound up running 3rd until about 5 to go, where we got passed on the outside by a championship contender. Coming to two to go, we got tight off of 2 and gave up the inside to another car, and wound up finishing the race 5th while avoiding the craziest accident we've ever almost been a part of. After the wreck at the checkers, one of the cars was disqualified for the incidental contact, which gave us a P4 finish to cap off our sophomore season!

Our points counting races are finally done, and after waiting what seemed like an eternity, we found out we just cracked the top 10 in the standings by 1 point! The year had been a roller coaster, but we made some gains on the car all throughout the season and improved on our rookie season by quite a bit

We're looking forward to a little bit of down time, but will be ready to go for the 60th running of the Milk Bowl. Stay tuned for the updates from that day. You won't want to miss them!

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