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Governor's Cup 150 and Double Points Night

Evening all!

Here for another multi race write-up, as we've been staying busy outside of the race car world and slacking once again... This write-up is about the two most action packed events of the season so far in the Governor's Cup and Time Argus Mid Season Championship night.

Starting with the first, it felt like a normal day at the race track. The car was stable and consistent, but lacked the top speed. We were close enough to stay with the lead pack times, but come qualifying, the car went nowhere but backwards. We started tail end of the field in 24th, and had a lot of ground to make up. We raced hard and door to door with the intruder Brad Keselowski for the majority of the race, and wound up being one of the first cars to go a lap down finishing 17th.

Fast forward to the next week, we made some big swings in the shop to to and get the car some forward drive everywhere on the track, and thought we had made strides towards that until the first heat race came. We started outside pole and once again, went right to the back. We made another big swing at the track to try and salvage the day, and wound up getting stuck in traffic for the consi.

Feature time rolled around and we found ourselves starting on the high side in 14th. With an extra 25 laps, we knew we had time to get up to the front, but we just needed the car to do the same for us. We kept our nose in the fight, and worked our way up to 4th place through an array of cautions and a stout car, and wound up finishing 5th place by the time the flag flew, for what was arguably the most complete race of the season in the car. With that finish we moved ourselves into the top 10 in the points standings at the halfway mark of the season.

We also managed to pick up a new sponsor through all of the work and racing, so we'd like to welcome on Youngman Construction to our car for the remainder of the season! Youngman Construction specializes in new construction, additions, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basements, windows, siding, roofing, and general contracting. Owner Kevin has been a family friend AND loyal customer of Woods CRW (who you may see somewhere else on the race car) , and can be reached at 373-7087 for any inquiries you may have.

This week, we're hoping that we can find even more speed in the shop now that we kept the car in one piece again, and we'll try and make the best out of the night and stay consistent. Post time for this Thursday's Port-O-Potty Grand Prix race day will be 7pm, where the infamous golden plunger will be handed to the next winner of the race (one of the current points leaders in the respective divisions).

We look forward to seeing you supporting the team, and hope if you can't make it to the track, you can at least watch from home!

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