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Labor Day 200 (and more!)

Good evening all!

Quick race write-up of another few weeks of racing (with another rainout!)

Our scheduled event to be run on the 24th resulted in a rain out that got pushed to this past Friday, where we had some plans in the beginning of the year to attend a concert, meaning we had a fill in driver for us in the 94 of Brendan Moodie! He got us some points to keep out 100% status at the road, and we appreciate the gesture more than we can express!

Now on to yesterday the 3rd, the Labor Day Classic 200. We worked on our car for most of the week here and there finding small issues and fine tuning other areas of the car we wanted to improve on. We had a couple decent sets of tires for the day, and managed to keep the car consistent in all of our practices.

Come time for the heat races, we started dead last in 8th, and managed to pass one car, giving us a +1 towards our handicap. We had to qualify for our handicap through the consi, and managed to get the last spot after 15 laps, putting us starting 9th in the feature!

Through a few separate green flag runs, the car kept getting tighter and tighter, and by the time we had decided to pit for our second set of right side tires we had ran 138 laps. This tire change definitely woke the car up a little, and after a red flag for a car flip on the front stretch. we drove ourselves back up to 16th by the time the checkers flew, only being lapped with 4 laps left in the feature.

I was certainly one of our better runs, and we managed to escape with minor scratches and tire marks, which is always something to be proud of in the long distance races!

We've got two Fridays left on the calendar for points racing. Though we won't be in contention for a top 10, we're going to give it our best shot to podium the last two races after gaining some momentum the last couple races.

We hope to see you all this Friday 7PM SHARP!

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