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Last Two Points Races

What an exciting last two weeks of racing it has been. A busy life and work schedule has made it hard to keep up with these write-ups, but we're here for one of the last write-ups for the season.

Starting off with the make-up day for the Coca-Cola Memorial Day Classic, we had a stout car all practices. We started off the first practice a couple tenths off pace due to breaking in some new tires, but come the last two practices we were right back up top where we usually are. We started towards the back for the heat race because we had won the week before, and drove up to a qualifying spot through the heat.

Come feature time we were starting somewhere around 17th (if this had been written right after I would've remembered), and made it through a couple of cautions throughout the race, which had us sitting in the front by the last 10 laps. When all was said and done we grabbed another podium finish with a 3rd place, which turned into a 2nd place after the race winner failed post-race inspection. This was a huge feat for the team coming into the last points race inside of the top 10 in standings.

Last Sundays race was another great one for the team. We had speed all practice, and started 7th in our heat race. The car was an absolute ROCKET on the high side, and within 9 laps we had reached the outside door of the leader. Coming to the checkered flag we just missed the heat win by about a fender, but qualified through the heat right into the feature for the night.

An extra 20 laps on the race made for potential for exciting racing and lots of cautions, but only have of that happened. Only one caution flew all race, so we struggled to make ground throughout, because all of the cars were bunched up and nose to tail racing hard. The car was fast but not fast enough to make it work three deep, and we settled for an 11th place finish, clinching the last spot in the top 10 of the standings.

All things considered how the season started, it was a miracle to even consider making it into the top 10, but we managed to get it done in the second half of the year.

This weekend is action packed Friday-Sunday with Milk Bowl qualifiers and Segments. Some extra divisions are coming into town to play as well, so it will not be a race you'd want to miss.

The schedule is listed on the picture below, so check it out and plan accordingly. We hope to see you at the track!

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