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Memorial Day Classic

Good morning all!

Here for our first write up in a while on this past week of racing at Thunder Road. The original date of 5/30 was made up this past Friday, where we saw 125 laps of action.

We unloaded with a fairly good car, and made a few minor adjustments throughout practices. We had got rid of most of the bugs we had from the first race, and felt much more comfortable heading into the races. We pulled chip 29, which started us 3rd place in the second heat race. We maintained most of the race, and overdrove turn one coming to the white flag, opening up the bottom and allowing the 4th place car to get to our inside, where we raced back to the line door to door, finishing 4th. This gave us a minus 1 for the feature, starting us 14th out of 23 cars for the 125 lap feature.

When we started the feature, the car was pretty loose, meaning we dropped back a couple positions in a hurry. We got so loose once we tagged the wall, and really put ourselves behind, but managed to continue throughout the whole race. With an array of cautions lap after lap a few separate times, we finally had one good long green flag run after a pit to tighten the car up, and worked our way up towards 10th before getting put into the infield racing hard with a car on our outside.

We pulled back out of the infield and survived a few other wrecks towards the front of the pack, and brought the car home in 13th when the checkers flew, completing our first whole event at Thunder Road in our late model, a big win for our team in itself! It would not have been possible to accomplish this feat without all our amazing sponsors and friends who have helped along the way.

This week, we look to run a solid 50 laps Friday, with a post time of 6:30 due to the rain that postponed the last two feature races after ours last week. We hope to see you there, and look forward to seeing some smiling fans faces (something we haven't seen in a while)!

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