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Memorial Day Classic 2024

Good morning all!

Here for our first points race write-up of the year after an up and down day on Sunday.

We had unloaded with top 10 speed, though not very far off from the leaders (withing less than a tenth of a second), and brought that into our qualifying races. We drew a chip in the midpack after mandatory tech, which had us starting last in the second heat. We drove up to 5th to give us a plus 3, but didn't qualify through the heat, so we had to head to the consolation race, where we nabbed the final qualifying spot, putting us 3rd place for the big 125 lap race.

We fired off quick, and rode around in 2nd place for around 40 laps, until we finally dropped back to 3rd after a quick battle. By the first caution on lap 68, we had fell back to 5th place, and fought hard on the restart to stay ahead of the rest of the pack. We ran hard in 7th, and with 13 laps to go, we had noticed a skip in the motor coming out of turn two, and by the time we had came out of turn 4, the car had shut down entirely, unfortunately bringing out a caution on the field. We tried to start the car up again, but had no luck, and took a push truck into the pits, and ended our day after a strong run in 22nd place.

Upon bringing the car home and unloading the next day, we had found a ground wire from the distributor to the MSD box had shorted out, and caused the car to have no spark. A quick snip and wire connectors for a new harness, and the car fired right back up.

We've got the car up on scales and nearly ready to rock for the race next Friday, where we're hoping to use some of our notes and good momentum to have another decent run for our team and sponsors.

We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

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