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Myers Container Night

Morning all!

It race day, which means we're here to recap the event from last week. IT wasn't the best for our team, but we're looking to put that behind us tonight.

We unloaded with decent speed, but the car just didn't act the same through the two practices and adjustments. We were fortunate enough to start on the pole for the heat race, and after a decent start, the car fell off quick and got loose, and we came home 2nd.

We started the feature on the pole once again, and after making some small adjustments to the car to get it better in the longer run, and only lasted a few laps more than the heat race, and was and absolute handful to drive. After a few separate cautions and dropping back to thirds, we found ourselves fighting hard to stay on the white line, chased the car up the track into the car passing us for 3rd, wheel hopped the left rear of their car, and went spinning around on the backstretch full speed in front of the rest of the field and into the wall in turn 3. We had too much damage to finish out the race, and pulled off after a few laps and salvaged a 14th place finish.

Today is a new day, and we're hoping the car is a little more cooperative with us and the adjustments we try to make. The schedule for tonight's event is posted below, where we'll be the last feature of the night.

We hope to see you there tonight supporting us!

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