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Myers Triple Crown #1

It's race day fans! A poor forecast yesterday (which turned out great by the end of the day), saw the race being postponed to today, June 14th. The car is loaded and ready to hit the high banks for our regular 40 laps of action tonight.

Last week saw the first installment of the Triple Crown Series for 2019, an extra lap race (75) where starting position is determined by the amount of cars you pass in the heat races. After a round of kids rides, we got the car ready to roll for the first practice, where we fought with a loose car. We did our best to tighten it up for the first heat of the day, and had it in a "good mood" for the heat race.

We drew a "55" chip after the mandatory tech inspection, which had us starting outside pole position in the 3rd heat. The first place car and I made steady headway on the pack, and by 3 laps in we had a whole straightaway on the 3rd place car. I fell in behind after trying to fight on the outside and settled for 2nd, giving an even 0 for the plus minus. 2 consolation races and a B Feature later, we started 15th in the feature.

The car was very loose for the first third of the race, but the first caution at lap 27 helped the car tremendously. We tried to run on the outside, and couldn't seem to go forward, but instead just stay put and get passed on the inside. We had dropped all the way back towards the end of the field before we made headway back through the pack, and by the end of the 75 laps we wound up one spot shy of a top 10, which was not a bad way to finish considering the luck we've had throughout the beginning of the season.

All of the racing we've done so far could not happen without the support of our sponsors, and we hope to park the car in victory lane soon for them.

Tonight post time at "The Nations Site of Excitement" is 7PM, with the Tiger Sportsman feature last on the card. We hope to see you all there rooting us on!

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