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Myers Triple Crown #1

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Afternoon all!

An early week post race write up from the first leg of the Myers Triple Crown race last Thursday night. We unloaded the car and had a stable piece from the start. We bolted on some new tires for the second practice to get a heat cycle, and by third practice we had changed back to race tires and went out to be 2nd quickest. We had drawn chip #1, putting us out on the track first for the heat. We fought a little bit of tightness, but still managed to stay ahead and win the heat and grab our first checkered flag of the year!

After the heat, we got to sit and watch the rest of the qualifying races, making decisions on what we wanted to do to the car come feature time, and by winning our heat, we got a plus 1, starting us 9th on the 28 car field.

We had made pretty steady progress racing hard door to door with multiple different drivers. Inside or outside, the car had a lot of speed and a lot of desire to get to the front. Unluckily for our team, the clean hard racing turned rough quickly, and halfway through the race we found ourselves in the infield with a missing left rear tire and a badly bent car. So bent we couldn't even attempt to put a new wheel and tire on it to continue racing. We weren't the first to drop out of the race, so by the time all was said and done we finished 20th out of 28, a far cry from where we should have finished had every lap been completed.

This Thursday night, we'll regroup and come back better than ever like we always try to! Racing will still be broadcast on, and limited attendance tickets will be sold for the grandstands.

Post time is 6:30, and we hope you supports us in whatever way you can!

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