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Myers Triple Crown #2 & Governors Cup Night

Hey all! Another two race write-ups in one week. The plan has always been to do them right after the night of racing, but between work and the car it's hard to find the time most days to do a long and attentive write-up. So I apologize for the delays but I'll keep trying my best to do them as soon as possible.

Now that that's out of the way.... Lets get to the racing! Two Thursdays ago was the second leg of the Myers Triple Crown at Thunder Road, and we had a good feeling about how our night would go after the mandatory tech draw. We drew a 23 out of 100, which put us outside pole position for the second heat of the night. The car was really fast, but not fast enough to get around the leader, and by the end of the 10 lap heat we were 2nd place and ahead of the field by two turns. This finish meant that there was going to be a big wait for the feature, because we didn't have to go through the consi.

Our +/- of 0 had us starting 11th place in the feature. It was a pretty calm race for us compared to the last couple races we've been having, and we made very slow progress up through the field in the 75 laps. A couple of cautions towards the end of the race had us fighting for our 8th spot on the outside, where we were able to maintain but not pass any cars and bring the Frost Beer Works Lumina home in one piece in 8th.

The following week was a much better week for us handling and speed wise (and finish). We came out of the trailer with the fastest lap time of the whole field, and maintained that for the second practice as well, picking up 2 tenths and topping the speed charts once again. We started the heat race 6th, and finished in 3rd, qualifying once again right to the feature on the night.

We started 9th for the feature, and fought hard on the outside to try and pass cars but had no luck in doing so. A final restart with 3 laps to go saw us 4th place, and we tried everything we could to get the car to go forward on the high side, but just couldn't find enough grip with the car pushing into the corners and snapping loose coming off. A hectic last lap effort and a leader with a cut tire had us going 3-wide coming to the line, and we picked up our first Thunder Road top 5 of the year! One that we had been waiting too long for...

The year has had it's ups and downs, but the current rate we've been going at is only trending upward. Tonight is the Mid Season Championship night, which means double points and autographs on the night, with a post time of 7pm.

Come out and support your local short track and your favorite driver. We hope to see you all there!

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