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NCFCU and VT Tire & Service Night

It's race day all!

Here for two post-race write ups, as we were so busy last week we forgot to do one.

The first write-up is from NCFCU Night, where we had our worst finish of the season (in a race we actually finished). We fought tightness the entire night, in practice, the heat, and the consi. So bad there's nothing good to write other than the car was in one piece at the end of the night and we found some speed in the feature. We finished last in the heat, and almost last in the consi, and started 24th out of 30 in the feature.

We managed to drive up to 12th place, but one bad lap getting stuck behind a lapped car on the inside dragged us back to 16th where we finished out the race.

The following week, we had made some big changes ion the shop to find the speed we had all season again. We unloaded and hit the top of the charts quickly, and felt much more comfortable going into the night. We started the heat second to last, and ended up qualifying in the final spot through the heat into the feature. We started the feature in 16th, and fell like a rock behind a slow car on the outside. We went all the way to 22nd, and at lap 25 we finally made a lane change and started working through the field. One caution at lap 37 had us restarting right where we started the feature, and in 3 laps we jumped up 5 spots to finish the race 11th.

Tonight's race is the final Thursday night race. Last year we won the final Thursday race, so we will look to duplicate that tonight and get ourselves another trophy on the season. Post time is 7PM, and tickets are sold out, so if you want to watch you can tune into and see the action as it happens

We hope you support us in any way you can tonight!

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