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North Country Federal Credit Union Night

Hey all! It took us long enough, but we're happy to say we finally had a good week!

The day started off like any other, unloading for practice and finding our groove rather quick. This week, we fought a tight car all throughout practice, and when it came time for the last 21 laps of the feature from the week before, the car was still tight throughout. We started 20th place for the last 21 laps, and managed to pass a couple of cars and gather a 15th place finish.

For the heat race for the next feature on the night, we tried as best as we could to adjust the tightness out of car, but had no luck in doing so. We finished 6th (right where we started), and had to go to the consi. With one more adjustment after that race, we checked everything we could in tech before lining back up to qualify.

We made it through the consi and qualified for the feature (all the cars were going to race, but qualifying meant that we could start further up in the field), and the car was finally where we wanted it to be. We started 15th for the feature, and through an array of cautions, 3 separate spin outs, and getting sent to the back of the field on lap 17 of 40, the team miraculously pulled off a 6th place finish. Our sponsors finally got the type of finish they deserved out of us.

Tonight is another 40 laps of hard side by side racing, where the team is looking to build off of a successful last race and finish that much better.

Post time is 7pm. We hope to see you all there!

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