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Preston Kia and Myers Triple Crown Night

Good afternoon all!

Here for a double Sunday write-up from a busy couple of weeks of racing, which saw us having a couple polar opposite days.

Starting with Preston's Kia night on the first on the month, we unloaded with an entirely new setup in hopes that we could find some long run consistency on the night. We started our heat race in second to last, and fought a loose car for the duration of the heat. We raced through the consi with an ill handling car still again and finished one spot outside of the final qualifying spot, putting us on the very tail end of the field for the feature.

We slowly picked our way through the field and up to 12th, when on a restart we tried to clear ourselves on a car to the inside, and got the door slammed shut on us, sending us up the track and back 5 spots, where we rode out the rest of the race and finished 17th place.

We came to the second leg of the Myers Triple Crown Series with mostly the same setup with minor changes, and picked up a couple tenths in our final practice to get some really competitive times coming into the heat race. We finally got the opportunity to start at the front of the pack (pole position to be exact), and managed to lead 10 out of the 12 laps before losing the spot coming into turn 1 with our ill handling car, and finished the heat second place, qualifying directly into the feature on the night.

We made a couple more small adjustments for the feature race where we started 3rd, and had some good speed for the first 15 or so laps. The longer we went, we realized we had ended up over adjusting the car a little too much, resulting in a very loose piece for the remainder of the race. We went all 50 laps with no cautions, and managed to bring our hot rod back home in one piece in 9th place, securing our first top 10 on the season! It's a small step in the right direction for our small team.

All of this could not have been done without the support of our amazing sponsors, who have done everything to help us out in this brand new car on the year. This Thursday is the Governor's Cup, where NASCAR's own Ryan Preece looks to invade the high banks and give it a shot with some of the toughest racers New England Late Models have to offer. We're looking to take this little bit of momentum into the next race, and put ourselves in a position to grab another top 10 on the season.

A little earlier of a start of 6:30 for post time, and an early autograph session with Ryan will make a for a great action packed night of racing and fun. We hope to see you all there!

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