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Scout Night and Casella Night

Happy Sunday afternoon all!

Here for the two race in one write-up after missing out on last weeks having to fix the car and get it ready for the first Thursday night of the year.

We'll start with Scout Night, where we unloaded with much less practice ahead of ourselves, but we still found a couple tenths between the fastest cars and ourselves, making us close to race pace. We started our heat race in the back, and stayed there, putting us into the consi for the night, where we managed to stay ahead of a couple of cars and put ourselves 19th for the start of the feature.

We had an alright car, but found ourselves struggling to get the car to turn. A restart after a caution saw us stuck on the high side, and the car inside of us got tight and put us into the wall, effectively ending our night 25 laps early in 20th of 21 cars.

Fast forward to the first Thursday night of the year, we unloaded again with some speed off the bat, and found the car was free from the get go, and lacking drive off. We made a couple small adjustments for the heat, and made the looseness worse. We went into the consi 4th and quickly fell back on the high side with the same looseness, but finished in one piece.

We started our feature race 20th of 23 that night, and the loos car would just not go away. After a caution at lap 30 of 50, we came in and made a wedge adjustment, which made the car much more manageable to drive, and brought it home in one piece in 16th after a hard fought battle with a teammate (Also sponsored by VT Sim Racer). Following post race inspection, one of the top 3 cars got disqualified, handing us a top 15 on the night.

We finally made it through a week of racing with minimal damage, which means this week we will work on finding some more speed in the shop, and try to put ourselves in a better position going into our first race with a handicap towards the front of the field.

We're excited to have made it this far in the year, and look forward to racing this Thursday again, post time 7PM. We look forward to seeing you all there!

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