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Sponsor Update #3

Good afternoon all!

Here for a quick update, as this afternoon we managed to pick up a new sponsor! We're excited to announce that VT Sim Racer has come on board for our 2021 Rookie Late Model Campaign!

We partnered up with Mike Garber for our Race to Drive Out Cancer race, and continue the partnership onto the tail of our car for 2021.

"VT Sim Racer is located on 294 N Winooski Ave in Burlington, VT, and is outfitted with four networked high-performance, full-motion racing simulators combined with cutting edge virtual reality technology. Book a timeslot for yourself or a group up to 8 people. Show up :15 minutes early for some quick safety briefing. Choose what kind of car or truck you want to drive and climb into the driver’s seat. Our driving coaches will help you navigate the course and get to know the characteristics of the car you are driving.

VR racing is an engaging activity for any occasion including private parties, family entertainment, and business events. Come experience it for yourself!"

Partnering up with Mike as a driver at Thunder Road brings exposure to those watching, to let them know if they ever wanted to try driving a car, there is now a fun and safe way to do so without spending the money of a real car and worrying about paying to fix it!

Check out their website @, or visit them on Facebook @

This is hopefully one of many new sponsors to welcome on board for 2021, but we couldn't be more excited to land this deal for our team. Stay tuned for any more updates we have on the car and new sponsors. We hope to see you all at the track very soon!

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