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Start of the season!

Good morning all!

Here for the first post race write-up of the 2020 season, and here for some more exciting news!

This Saturday the 6th, we went over the Kancamagus and invaded White Mountain Motorsports Park for our first race of the season. Almost 100 cars between 4 divisions spread throughout the pits 8 feet apart. The Tiger division had 22 car cars itself, split into two heat races. Random starting positions had us slotted 6th for the 2nd heat, and we make steady progress through the 12 laps and drove up to 2nd by the time the flag flew.

(Photo Credit to Mark Alan Sumner)

The feature was set-up to be a plus minus race, so a +4 in our heat had us starting outside pole for the 50 lap feature. We took the lead in about 3 laps, and opened right up to a straightaway lead by the time the first caution flew at lap 22, another restart on the inside saw us fight hard to maintain the lead, and a bump off of 4 sent the car to our outside into the wall and around, bringing out another caution. A 2nd restart saw a new car to our outside, and the same thing happened, although this time the car to our outside corrected it and we stayed under green. A good 10 laps of racing saw two cars in front of us tangle, and we got into the back of one of them trying to check up and brought out another caution. 3 cautions later we were sitting 6th, and raced into 5th until lap 46 when the rain came and a caution was thrown. We waited for the "monsoon" to pass for about 20 minutes, went back out and dried the track for the late models, then watched their race and finished our last 4 laps in 4th place by a fender at the line.

It was a successful trip to say the least, and a decent finish to start off our 2020 season.

This brings us to our next bit of news, where we're happy to announce racing is starting at Thunder Road on June 18th, with no fans in attendance. This race will be broadcast on the same pay-per-view website the WMMP race was on @, where $15 gets you an entire night of racing for anyone in the household. Racing starts @ 7pm Thursday night, with all 4 divisions set to race.

We hope you all tune and and support this, because without your support, the season may not be able to continue and get to the point where fans with be allowed in some capacity.

Thanks for reading, and let's get the Thunder Road season started off right!

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