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Thunder Road Recap

Hey all! Quick write up on the way to the track, as we’ve been busy on the car all week.

The first Thursday night of the year was a hot one to say the least. A total of 30 cars showed up to take on the banked quarter mile. We had decent speed in both practices, and a stout car for the heat race, starting 7th and finishing 3rd.

(Photo credit to Johnny Racer)

For our feature, we started right around mid pack, and seemed to pick the wrong lane to pass every time. We had just started making ground up when we caught up to a lapped car, and chaos ensued with everyone trying to pick a lane to get around, which caused a car to spin in front of us coming into turn one and sent us head on into the pit wall tires. The car fired up after a quick pause, and we drove back into the pits to assess the damage. The hood was pulled off, and we went back out to finish the last bit of the race, but the car got too hot to continue without fear of overheating and blowing it up, ending our night 7 laps early.

Lots of hard work from Sunday on had the car ready to load today at 2 and head to the track to do it all over again (With a better finish hopefully).

For the second week in a row, no fans allowed in general admission, but the race will be broadcast on starting at 7pm tonight.

We hope you tune in and support this, and hope soon we can see you all at the track!

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