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VT CTE Night

Happy Sunday all!

Here for the write-up from Friday's race, where we fought rain and weather for a majority of the day, but finally managed to get the race in on time!

We unloaded the car with a decent set of practice tires from the previous race, but were only given 5 minutes of practice due to the rain taking away some of the time we originally had allotted. The car felt very drivable and consistent, and we felt good about going into the last practice to scuff our race tires. We put the new tires on and made it up to P3 on the speed charts, and came off to play the waiting game again because of rain.

We started our heat race in 3rd place, and after a few laps, the car finally came into it and we had to settle for 4th. Come feature time, we lined up in 6th, with a good group of cars all around us. We ended up falling back hard, as the rubber had been washed away from the top groove, making it almost invisible for any car that was up there. We dropped all the way back to 19th out of 20 cars, and had a caution with 12 to go that allowed us to restart back on the bottom. We drove back up through the field into 11th, and on a late race restart battle hard with the 27 car, and just missed 11th at the line, finishing in one piece in 12th.

We picked up a few small issues while fighting with the car up top, so we'll assess the problems this week when we get the car on the lift, and try to find a little more speed and drive for the next race.

Thanks to all of those who have came and supported us early in the season, and we hope to see you again next Friday at a 7PM post time!

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