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WDEV Calkins Night and an extra WMMP trip

Afternoon all! It's a new week, and that means a new write-up checking up on the team. We made two trips to two different race tracks this past week, but I'll start with the hometown track first.

We had a decent car right out of the trailer, but fought a little bit of looseness with it. We had gotten it pretty consistent for the heat race, and managed to drive up to second from 4th place, qualifying right through to the feature. Between races, we made a special trip up to the Race to Read booth to sign autographs for the fans of us and the track, and had a blast doing so. Such a good time we were almost late to lining up the car for the feature!

We had managed to grab a good starting spot for the feature (8th), and at the drop of the flag immediately fell back on the outside lane behind a slower car in front of us. Once we made it around that car, it was anything but smooth sailing, as the car was still loose, but we managed to go green to checkers for the second week in a row and pulled off a 7th place finish after falling all the way back to 16th by the middle of the race, and for the second week in a row again we brought the car home in ONE PIECE.

We made a late decision on Friday night that we were going to head over to WMMP, and get some more laps in on the track we've visited so few times. We showed up with the same setup we usually have there, and went about 8 laps in all 3 practices before bringing the car in before something happened (it was that good!). We started outside pole for the heat race, and fell back 3 laps in, and the car started to come into it and drove back around the leader for our first flag of the year! Although it was a heat race, it still served as a confidence boost to the team.

We started 5th in the feature, and from the start the car was strong. By lap 23, we had made it up to second place, only to have the car we tried passing on the inside cut down into us and spin themselves, putting us both to the back of the field. We had to fight back to 7th place by the end of the race, but anyone that saw it knew we had the car to beat.

Tonight marks the conclusion of the Myers Triple Crown Series, with a post time of 7pm and 75 laps of racing action.

We hope to see all of you there supporting the #7 Chevy Lumina

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