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WMMP Triple Crown #2 and 444 Spectacular

Good morning all! This came later than anticipated, but the WMMP update from the last couple weeks is finally here....

Luckiliy for us (or unlucky however you look at it), both of these races took place on the same day. We had only raced the second of the two because we were already there, and figure we wouldn't waste the 2 1/2 hour trip for one race. The car was hurriedly (but entirely) put back together after a rough fourth of July race at Thunder Road, where we saw half of the field that started finish the race.

We unloaded the car for only the second time ever at the track, and managed to find our groove fairly quickly. By the end of the 3rd practice, the car was fairly drive-able considering the amount of seat time had on the track, and we were ready for 75 laps of green flag racing right off the bat. We had thrown a new set of tires on the car that had only a couple of heat cycles in them and hoped for the best, and man did they stink. They hadn't been worn in enough, and by lap 35 of the 75 laps, the car was the tightest that it's ever been. We had no choice but to deal with it for the rest of the race, and when all was said and done at the end of the race we salvaged a 6th place finish.

For the second race of the night, we we're starting second row on the outside. The car was much better with a different set of tires, and we drove the car up to 2nd place in the 10 lap heat. The feature saw us starting in 10th, and this time instead of the car getting worse, it only got better. Halfway through the race it really came into it and cut the center of the corner hard with ease, and when the checkers flew, we got our first top 5 of the season!

The more we race at WMMP, the more we like it. When the checkbook allows it, we will definitely be making a couple more trips over the Kancamagus to race there. But for now, we're devoted to running Thursdays at "The Nations Site of Excitement" in Barre.

Post time this week for the Governors Cup this week is 7pm. The tigers roll off as the last feature on the night, but stick around for a heartpounding 150 lap late model race where NASCAR driver Christopher will try his luck at the high banks.

We hope to see you all there!

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