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Community Bank 150 Weekend

Hi all! Cooper here doing the first of many write-ups on the races this year....

The first weekend of racing is officially behind us, and we've already faced some hardships. We had a great time on Saturday morning meeting fans and signing autographs, as well as getting some practice in on the weathered pavement. The team started off right where they ended the season, and were in the top 10 on the speed charts the whole day. We scuffed tires for the next day in two of our practices, and loaded the car early to keep it in one piece for the race in the morning.

Practice went well all morning, where we once again showed speed, and after the drivers meeting we found we would be starting 4th in our heat race. After a small little tangle up on the front stretch (where we luckily kept the car off the wall), we raced the car back up into a qualifying position, and started 9th for the feature. Through two cautions and lots of hard double file racing, the last caution of the race gave us an advantage on the inside, and we drove the car up to 4th place when we passed the line at lap 40.

Falling shy of a podium spot but still managing a top 5 finish, we went through the post-race technical inspection, where a chassis infraction unbeknownst to saw us getting disqualified, forfeiting all points and funds for the night. Though it was unfortunate, it goes to show you that its always important to check your ENTIRE car over before the season to know what you have, and make sure everything is true to the rule book.

The car has since been fixed, and will be ready for racing on May 26th at "The Nations Site of Excitement", where we will be looking to rebound and show what we really can do.

Thanks all for reading up on us. We hope to see you all at the track next weekend!

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